Conference Theme:

Innovation for growth and excellence – Textiles and RMG

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Bangladesh is a country of great prospects for textile garment industries. In fact national economy is moved by the driven forces and foreign currency earned by the Textile & RMG industries. The necessity of such international conference is well understood by all the stakeholders. After profound success of first two conferences The Textile Institute Bangladesh Section (TIBS) joins hand with Bangladesh Textile Today to organize ‘The 3rd International Conference on Textile and Apparel, ICTA 2016’. ICTA is the first ever such conference which is contributing the sector in strategy making, reviewing the innovations and available technologies for a sustainable growth. The first ICTA was held in 2010 and second one held in 2012. To know more about the previous ICTA please visit:

ICTA 2012 ICTA 2010


The premium trade body for exporting garment BGMEA recently has set a target of exporting USD 50 billion by the year 2021. In one of the seminars of recently concluded Apparel Summit 2014, that exposed the target of USD 50 billion by 50 years completion of Bangladesh, BGMEA president informed that the theme of Apparel Summit that is targeting USD 50 billion by 2021 is in fact an idea of Mr. Tofael Ahmed, MP, Minister, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh. That means 50 billion in 50 years in fact GoB’s target that have been said by BGMEA. So, in Bangladesh perspective (the host country) it is to make sure an exponential growth.


 Bangladesh’s key competitors of course has set their targets and working plans. When China is going through a transition expected to drop many textile and RMG exports in coming years, other textile and RMG producing countries are struggling to achieve the biggest part of the cake in their hand. On the hand with revolving designs, fashion trend and trade mechanisms textile and RMG still offers opportunities for many developed countries. Hence recent techno trade movements urge for a refreshed look to set or review the strategies for the coming days.

Open Letter from TIBS Chairman

Dear Textile Professionals,

dr.ayubAs Chairman, Textile Institute Bangladesh Section and Chairman ICTA 2016 I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join in the forth coming 3rd, International Conference on Textile and Apparel.


As you know that The Textile Institute is one of the oldest International professional body and was formed over 100 years ago and was instituted to promote and advance knowledge with the aims of facilitating learning , recognising achievement and rewarding excellence. Professional Charted Membership body for organizations and individuals working in the textiles clothing and footwear related industries around the world.


The rapid changes taking place in our global industry means the relevance of the TI is becoming even greater. The Textile Institute is a unique network and offers bridges between Corporations, Universities, Research Centres and Students.

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Today the Institute has over 4000 members in up to 80 countries, and supports education in every discipline of textiles, clothing and footwear by accrediting both undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Institutions worldwide as well as its Course approval scheme which includes both short courses and e-learning. We endeavour to continually to continually update ourselves reflecting the current complexion of our industry.

The conference aims to provide a significant platform for industry and researchers from around the world to meet, discuss, share and disseminate findings for future collaborations and anticipated to become a catalyst for enterprising sprit among the participants.


The Textile Institute and Bangladesh Textile Today hope the conference will provide the opportunity for TI Members along with industry representatives to take part in this prestigious event. Presentations from industry and education are invited providing an international platform for information exchange and networking.


TI is working in Bangladesh for a long time and team is named as Textile Institute Bangladesh section (TIBS). TIBS has corporate members like Ahsanullah University of Science Technology (AUST), Primeasia University (PAU), Daffodil International University (DIU), BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT), NITER, and Dulal Brothers Ltd. Of DBL Group and also 18 individual members together with 21 associate members. In this connection I am happy to mention here that in continuation of development activities TIBS is going to organise 3rd International Conference on Textile and Apparel (3rd ICTA 2016) with prominent media house in our centre Bangladesh Textile Today.


From its inception Bangladesh Textile Today has already created a good impression and strong reputation in both national and international textile arena. Bangladesh Textile Today is working to build a knowledge based community by transferring news and information and disseminating knowledge.


On behalf of Textile Institute Headquarter, UK, again I would like request you to book the date in your dairy for the 3rd International Conference on Textile and Apparel ICTA 2016.Your Cooperation, Patronisation and participation in the conference would be appreciated.


I do hope you will take full advantage of the many benefits from this International Conference.

Thanking you,


Your faithfully,

Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan

C.Text.FTI, U.K. Chairman, TI Bangladesh Section.

Main Conference Activities

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jochen Weikert, Program Coordinator, Promotion of Social and Environmental Standards in the Industry (PSES)

Mr. Subhash Bhargava, Managing Director, Colorant Limited.

Dr N.N.Mahapatra, C.Col FSDC ( U.K),C.Text FTI ( Manchester ), Sen Mem ,AATCC( USA), FIC, FTA, FICS ,FIE( I),C.Engg, Vice-President ,Business Development, Colorant Limited

Dr. Kannan Muthu, Eco-design Consultant, Global Sustainability Services, SGS Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Rodney James Reed, Managing Director, Reed Consulting Bangladesh Ltd.

Jim Park, Color Scientist

Mr. Razvan Ionele, Senior Garmenting Consultant, GHERZI, Switzerland.

Mr. John T Smith, Coordinator of BWTG-BEST program UNIDO

*short biography of keynote speakers will be uploaded soon.